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    Blog : January 2015

    Hotels should consider guest emotions during online booking

    Hotels would do well to consider the feelings of their customers during the online booking process[...]

    Call for ban on all parity clauses in hotel distribution contracts

    All clauses in contracts between online travel agents and hoteliers relating to price parity must[...]

    Hotels consider Millennial habits in room design

    More hotels are beginning to take the habits of travellers from the Millennial generation into[...]

    User experience best practices for mobile travel sites

    More and more travellers are using mobile devices to research and book holidays, meaning that it is[...]

    How to make your hotel extraordinary without spending extra money

    Tourism means so many things to different people. For some it is simply the industry they work[...]

    Things your hotel website needs to include

    Whether or not you are setting up your hotel’s website for the first time, or are simply looking[...]

    Front desk can play a significant role in boosting guest satisfaction

    A new study has found that there is a link between successful front desk upselling and the number[...]

    How to market your brand

    We’ve all heard about branding - it is one of those words that seems to appear over and over[...]

    Why do hotel guests choose to book through online travel agencies rather than hotels directly?

    The hotel industry has undergone dramatic change in recent years when it comes to how guests book[...]

    Social media for hotels

    There is no doubt about it, social media is one of the most important and effective forms of[...]