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    Blog : March 2015

    Make the most of every customer

    To any guest, a hotel is a place to come to fulfil a need. That may be a modest one where a[...]

    How hotels can benefit from social media

    Social media is an increasingly prominent part of people's lives - one that some would say is too[...]

    How can managers improve their hotel operations?

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    The importance of customer service in the hotel industry

    In an age when individualism reigns and technology enables us to do an ever-increasing number of[...]

    The rise of family-friendly hotels

    An observation made by visitors to some European countries is that they seem to be more[...]

    The hotel website you have to have

    In this digital age it may be difficult to recall a time before the internet, so much of an impact[...]

    The pioneering technology that could revolutionise hotel stays

    The majority of hotel guests are used to accessing certain pieces of technology when they arrive[...]

    Be a part of the online booking revolution

    Online bookings were once a novelty, back in an age when the way to secure a hotel room involved[...]

    Google+ for hoteliers – Why your business should get involved

    It can seem as though there are too many social media portals to keep up with these days - and with[...]

    How to thrive in the PR game

    For any hotel company, whether it is a single establishment or a large chain, good public relations[...]