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    Blog : April 2015

    Why Your Hotel Guests Leave Reviews

    Here is a simple question: Why do hotel guests leave reviews? On one level, that might sound like a[...]

    How hotels could appeal to Generation X

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    Why poor visual content can damage a travel brand

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    Consumers putting their trust in search engines

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    The Apple watch: The ultimate travel device?

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    The myriad benefits of in-room technology

    Hotels have come long way since the days when one would arrive and find nothing more high-tech in[...]

    Hotel opportunities for e-commerce giants

    In an increasingly digitised age, the role of e-commerce has become more prevalent and is only[...]

    Email marketing for travel brands – are you making the most of it?

    Travel brands have many different methods at their disposal when it comes to communicating with[...]

    Top spa & wellness trends to look out for

    Spa resorts are increasingly popular as people live ever more busy and pressurised lives. For many,[...]