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    Blog : October 2015

    The Joys of Direct Booking

    When marketing a hotel, it is obviously a point of success when a customer responds by making a[...]

    When being a green hotel matters

    Does it matter if a hotel is particularly green or not? This is a question that has a number of[...]

    How to modernise the hotel sales programme

    The world of sales has changed dramatically down the years, as much in the hotel sector as others.[...]

    The Apple Watch: The ultimate travel device companion

    For English language speakers, there is often considerable amusement to be had from websites[...]

    How Chinese travel is growing fast

    The most recent economic news to emerge from China has been something of an eye-opener; after a few[...]

    Millennials – the luxury generation

    Every generation has different ideas and tastes when it comes to holidays. Once the very idea of[...]

    Beating the competition

    Any hotelier who has been to an industry event will no doubt have met plenty of folk they get on[...]

    Redecorate with Instagram in mind

    The arrival of the world wide web in the 1990s began a revolution in communications that may turn[...]

    Why service on demand makes sense

    The idea of 'service on demand' in a hotel will for many evoke the idea of a five-star[...]