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    Blog : December 2015

    How we can build relationships with guests through email

    As any hotelier knows, a happy guest is often a repeat guest. Or, at the very least, one highly[...]

    Main Reasons People Aren’t Subscribing to your Hotel Newsletters And How to Fix It

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    Working for good reviews

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    The things most families want from a hotel

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    Raising conversions on your website

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    The Daily Deal path to success

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    Designing a hotel website for success

    Nowadays there are very few hotels that do not have websites. In an age of e-commerce, the ability[...]

    The art of effective travel content

    The development of online marketing in recent years has increasingly been focused on the whole area[...]

    How to bring in more guests

    There are many ways of making a hotel attractive. Great service, fine food, friendly staff and an[...]

    Why your online booking numbers may be low

    Ever since the internet became a commonplace part of life in the 1990s, the role of e-commerce has[...]