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    Blog : January 2016

    How to boost bookings and increase revenue

    For a hotel to succeed, ultimately it needs to increase the number and value of bookings and[...]

    Adopt mobile to achieve results

    In a world where technology now seems to be the centre of everything, it's imperative that as a[...]

    Use multi-channel campaigns to maximise revenue

    A multi-channel campaign is a great way to boost your revenue during quiet seasons for your hotel.[...]

    Increase website traffic by answering questions

    Potential customers want to know exactly what they're being offered when they visit your hotel.[...]

    Make room service more than just food delivery

    The idea of room service is more than just a food delivery service. Many hotels offer food[...]

    A/B testing can create higher conversions

    A/B testing (also known as split testing) is when you compare two versions of a webpage or email[...]

    Drive hotel bookings with retargeting

    Ultimately, the main aim for marketing and sales teams at hotels is to create bookings. You could[...]

    Why is understanding social media so important for hoteliers?

    Hotels are at the centre of all major events. In fact, your social media channels are probably[...]

    How will technology change travel in 2016

    Technology has grown substantially in the last few years, and it will no doubt continue to do so.[...]

    Boost your hotel revenue with content marketing and SEO

    The capabilities of marketing continue to expand rapidly, and the word on the lips of every[...]