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    Blog : February 2016

    Use video across multiple channels

    Video has evolved massively in recent years and is now a hugely popular tool for marketers. What[...]

    Differentiate your hotel

    These days, travel is less about sun, sea and sand, and much more about the destination a person is[...]

    Get direct bookings for your independent hotel

    The hotel market is particularly competitive, which independent hoteliers know better than ever. In[...]

    Tips to boost your online booking conversions

    The topic of online travel agencies (OTAs) has been widely discussed lately, and it's really no[...]

    Why aren’t people buying on your mobile site?

    Mobile's been growing substantially in the last few years, and businesses are seeing consumers[...]

    Are OTAs dominating hospitality?

    There's no question that online travel agencies (OTAs) are beneficial to all businesses within the[...]

    Build your brand in 2016

    It's not simple to build a brand, and it's not easy to maintain a strong brand reputation either.[...]

    Hashtag do’s and don’ts

    The use of hashtags on social media has become commonplace among users and brands. They're a great[...]

    How can you create the perfect digital marketing campaign?

    Digital marketing is imperative in this day and age for businesses to succeed, and this is even[...]

    How blogging can boost bookings

    Do you create blogs as part of your marketing strategy? Do you know how much your bookings could[...]