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    Blog : March 2016

    Important factors that affect direct booking conversion rates

    Ideally, you want your guests to book with you instantly and directly. If they're going to online[...]

    How do you handle negative reviews?

    You're always going to get negative reviews, however hard you try to make every guest's stay with[...]

    Learn About Competitors Analysis to Help Your Business Grow

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    Provide your guests with a quality hotel experience

    As a hotel, not only do you want to offer guests somewhere safe and comfortable to stay, but you[...]

    Boost bookings by understanding your guests

    To save on extensive costs for online travel agencies (OTAs), you want to be sure that your hotel[...]

    Tips to Keep Your Guest’s Data Safe

    Cyber security has been hot in the news this last year, with big firms including TalkTalk and Sony[...]

    Use Content Marketing to Boost Visibility

    Every hotel is different in some way, but how can you illustrate this to guests and potential[...]

    Consumer Booking Trends You Need to Know

    Online hotel bookings have moved forward swiftly in recent years, making it even more difficult to[...]

    Use Technology to Boost Direct Bookings

    Digital marketing has been around long enough now to mean that all businesses should have a[...]

    Top Travel Apps Travelers Using in 2016

    Technology has been changing the way that we do even the simplest of tasks for years now, and this[...]