How to Improve Your Hotel Reviews?

Having good reviews on your website and on other sites such as TripAdvisor is often very important to hotel managers. In fact, this is definitely an[...]

Boost Conversions By Optimising These Major Marketing Elements

Every marketing strategy will be different, and by focusing on the different elements you can see varying results. However, according to Net[...]

Is Text Messaging Part of Your Marketing Strategy?

Texting is hugely popular – even more so than making phone calls most of the time. By sending a text, someone is able to focus on multiple[...]

Top Metrics You Need to Measure for Distribution Performance

When it comes to your hotel’s distribution performance, you need to be sure that you’re using the right metrics to measure it. This is[...]

Digital Strategies That Boost Revenue For Less

Your digital marketing strategy is key to your success as a hotel, and if you get it right then you could find that you’re able to actually[...]

The Importance of Measuring ROI for Your Hotel

As a hotel you can often find yourself investing a lot of time, money and effort in your marketing processes. But what use is this if you’re[...]

Your modern hotel marketing strategy

Marketing has changed dramatically over the years, and it’s now almost unrecognisable compared to the tactics that hotel marketers would use[...]

Attract Millennials to your hotel

Millennials currently make up about a third of hotel guests worldwide, and this number is predicted to rise to over 50 per cent by 2020, according to[...]

Marketing trends hotels need to know in 2016

Marketing trends are constantly changing as technology improves and consumers crave even more from brands. Gone are the days when television adverts[...]

Bring direct bookings with your landing pages

You might have developed an amazing website, put together a solid content strategy and grown your followers on social media – but these alone[...]

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